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glasses as well as lamps and countertops. there is a $22 billion recycling business in america for scrap cars. >> money to be made. >> indeed. >> you are saving us money when you come back. >> that's right. today's money saver we are getting to that printer cartridge. they are so expensive. we will get them to go a little farther for you. >> look forward to that. thank you. pink slips are on the way after maryland's board of public works approves a slew of budget cuts intended to save taxpayers $454 million but 202 employees will lose their jobs. those include 160 jobs at the state health department and counties will lose $211 million in state funding, money that is used for everything from police salaries to road repaving. >>> the board approved a five dave shutdown of sate government -- five day shutdown of state government and employee furloughs. some state workers say they should have to share the plan. darryl brown is one of them he helps print refund checks. >> we keep the state rolling an we always have to take the hit. i don't think it is fair. >> reporter: the speaker of the hou
political riots in central america. here's chris. >> we are flying southbound on the bw parkway past 132, 198 to the beltway. no problems. it is 5:37. 9 news nowill return after these messages. >>> welcome back. a live look at east capital street and 5 # 58th and northeast. no problems as you head to the district. more traffic and weather coming up after the break. >>> in the news now at 5:39 an overnight curfew is in affect for another 20 minutes in the capital of honduras. this after supporters of ousted president marched in to in the city on tuesday. some threw rocks and set fires. the marchers included the president's wife. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton announced the u.s. is sending $17 million in aid to the congo. she visited with victims of gang rapes in a refugee camp. the money will go for prevention programs and training doctors to better treat victims. the u.s. humane society is running a temporary shelter for more than 500 dogs and cats seized from a suspected puppy mill in texas. deputies discovered the operation after someone asked the humane society for food donati
was lionized with america's highest civilian honor the medal of freedom and the british government recognized the son of irish immigrants with an honorary knighthood. andrea, the senate's top democrat says that even as congress mourns ted kennedy's death they will push forth health care reform, which was kennedy's greatest desire. reporting live on captiol hill, 9 news now and wusa9.com. >>> this morning our web poll asks for what will you most remember senator kennedy. log on to wusa9.com and cast your vote. the poll is on the home page. >>> tonight cbs will air an hour-long special called ted kennedy the last brother. you can watch it here on channel 9 starting at 8 p.m. >>> other news, most students start the schoolyear this morning. several northern virginia school systems begin classes today, winchester city schools and clark, frederick, orange and warren. those are all virginia schools starting klaas class today. >>> prince georges county school officials say it will take until the end of the week before every high school student has hoopa pr erschedule on monday, hundreds of students r
. >>> loudoun county board of supervisors is looking at a new proposal, a hospital corporation of america wants to build a 164-bed facility along route 50 in loudoun county. the company estimates the $195 million hospital would create 500 health care jobs. if the proposal is approved, the hospital would open in december of 2015. >>> a funeral mass for journalist robert novak is scheduled to take place today. the political commentator died after brain cancer. the mass will be at st. patrick catholic church on tenth street in northwest washington the fairfax county public schools three strikes policy is out. under the policy students got an automatic f if they missed three classes in a quarter without a legitimate excuse. by administrators say he policy, one of the strictest in our area just wasn't working so it is being discontinued this fall. >>> a group called dc panels for school choice staged a rally outside of the department of education on thursday. the group hopes the obama administration will reverse a decision to resend vouchers which would have helped 216 student attend schools this fa
. both were seriously injured. >>> leaders in south america and their top aides are waiting to see who else may come down with the h1n1 flu. this is file video of the colombian president. he got sick attending a summit in argentina and now it is confirmed he contracted the h1n1 flu virus. >>> people are honoring ted kennedy at his final resting place. that story is coming up. >>> will we feel more or less of the sum every heat this winter two predictions are at odds but kim will tell us about it. >> live from the weather terrace, today we are going to have a hint of autumn in the weather forecast. i hope you are ready for that. the forecast is straight ahead. you are watching 9 news now. good morning. >>> welcome back. stock up on the long john and the sweaters say the farmers almanac. it calls for a colder than normal winter in the eastern two-thirds of the country. however the national weather service winter outlook is predicting a warmer than normal winter. kim, are you picking sides on this one. >> no comment on the farmer's almanac. i think they are fun but i think they take a lot
about his views on one of the most divisive issues in america, abortion. he says it is his obligation to draw a distinction between him and his opponent. >> women for deeds sounds good to me. >> women supporters and of deeds cheered his stand on abortion rights at a news conference in annandale. >> i trust women to make these choices and i'm not afraid to say so. >> if men had somebody else to choose what happens to their body they would be in an uprise. >> we fight 15 to 30 antichoice bills and i don't think that people understand birth control is one of the main topics. >> reporter: he says mcdonnell has tried to restrict abortion rights but emphasizes a distinction in what has been a republican leading state could be an example. >> i'm not this one who spent my legislative career fighting to restrict a women's right to choose. i think i'm in the main stream. >> reporter: the campaign for mcdonnell who is in southern virginia says deeds is trying to reenergize his base because mcdonnell is ahead in the polls. >> he is pro life and had a record of bringing people together, respects t
in guadalajara. they hope to work together on fighting the h1n1 epidemic and the war on drugs. america's first and third largest trade relationships are with canada and mexico. >>> speaking of h1n1 the first major vaccine test starts in our area today. >>> plus, surfers rejoice as a hurricane threatens our 50th state. >>> and parents maybe changing their family plans because of the recession. you are watching 9 news now. >>> at least 40 people are dead across iraq after a wave of pre- dawn violence this morning. one attack killed seven people and wounded dozens more. another blast targeting construction workers killed ten people in the within part of the capital. >>> pope benedict xvi described thionase say world war ii concentration camps as extreatment evil at a convention at his summer retreat. his comments came during a ceremony to remember two saints who died in a concentration camp. >>> the surf is getting higher off of the coast of hawaii thanks to tropical storm felicia. the category one hurricane is weakening as it moves closer to the island. while surfers are enjoying the bigger wave
schools. read these stories and more in the examiner. >>> down sizing, it's not just for corporate america anymore. you might have heard this season the redskins are limiting the space available for tailgating. a so with tailgating reduced to the area pretty much behind your vehicle, we look for ways to make the most of it. >> we have a nice batch of wings. >> reporter: the days of parking lot kitchens enough to feed an army maybe over with tailgating space at a premium this season we sought experts for help in down sizing this party. the first stop is georgetown to see a man that knows a thing about grilling. that is chef brooks at old town barbecue. he says the key to saving space starts at home. >> organization is the key. have all the items cooked and just heat them on the grill. >> or ditch the cooking all together and get takeout. >> stop by and get pulled pork. >> reporter: for those that want to grill their own think smaller, too, smaller than that, yes. >> you are looking at the key 100. small and portable, takes a one pound propane tank and great size for tailgating. >> reporter:
is officially back with a new design. in the early ' 90s the taurus was the best-selling car in america. ford hopes bringing it back will help to turn around the financial fortunes. the car will sell for $26,000. >>> living smart correspondent jessica doyle is off this week but she le ftndhibe left behind money re'sngideas to idea toeae insurance premium. pay in a lump sum annually. rates can decrease that if you y monthly. quit smoking an you'll lower pa insurance premiums for being smoke free and workout becae r better health can save your li ony your life insurance wstcohen you cefa thste face t mandatory physical examination. adding together these cost savings and you cecould cut you bills by a couple hundred dollars a year. fomore money saving tips go to wusa9.com and click on "living $mart." >>> horse racing's most popular philly is branching out. kindle jackson winery announced a limited edition of wines honoring their 3-year-old that will be ready for the season. fewer than 300 cases will be produced and the bottle labels will show the philly's picture. >>> one area hangout destina
donnell told our gary nuremberg on the phone he had a family issue come up. >>> this is not the america i knew. i don't want it going his way. this administration is nuts. enough is enough. >> democrats want to win virginia to show that obama and the agenda is popular. republicans want to win virginia to show they are on the rebound and on the comeback trail. >> reporter: polls show that mcdonnell is leads deeding. we will see whether the president's appearance changes those numbers. >>> let's go to kristin fisher and say good morning and find out what's on the web. >> good morning, as congress heads to the august recess the health care debate is heating up on-line. this morning the fastest rising search on google has to with that. if u yoanyou clk icanyou click on hot dsentr isthwill pop up. you can seise right here at the top of thph seraphrase cess ecess rally. see it is u can search hotness orctis is d an as volcanis sscere recess y ra are people searching for it? turns out recess rally.com out cess rally.com is down this morning rether g e ceenaito oanmao r people cayon u e, l st you ca
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Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11